Celebrity Apprentice is my FAVORITE show on television.  And I will admit that I was secretly hoping that Donald Trump would give up his run for the presidency just because I didn't want him to quit doing this show.  I know that sounds ridiculous and isn't exactly civic-minded of me . . . but Celebrity Apprentice is GREAT!  And here's why.  You take celebrities with giant egos, throw them onto opposing teams, make them work together with other giant egos to accomplish tasks in order to make money for the charities of their choice and you have . . . drum roll, please . . . disasters waiting to happen!  Histoically, this show has given us some CRAZY and highly entertaining throwdowns.   Take a look!

Before we see what this year's cast has to offer in the fireworks department, I want to take you back to some of the highlights of the last few seasons.  This way, in the event you aren't truly familiar with what can happen on this show when titans clash, you'll have an idea of what to expect.  Ladies and gents . . . THE greatest Celebrity Apprentice smackdown of all-time:  NeNe Leakes versus Star Jones!!   

But, before we had NeNe and Star, we had Joan Rivers and poker player Annie Duke.  Watch what happens when Annie and former Playboy model Brande Roderick team up to get Joan's daughter, Melissa, fired.  If Joan's skin wasn't pulled so tightly, her head would have exploded!

And don't think it's just the ladies who lose their cool.  Sure, they have some epic catfights . . . but the alpha dogs go at it too.  Watch Meat Loaf nearly chew Gary Busey's face off.  Talk about epic!!

And, sometimes, yes sometimes, the boys and girls will turn on each other.   Take, for instance, everyone's favorite Celebrity Apprentice sweethearts, Piers Morgan and Omarosa.  This fight was so bad even Lennox Lewis wanted away from it!

The brand new season of Celebrity Apprentice begins tonight on NBC.  And I am hopeful that this year's collection of celebs will give us some fireworks too!  Will insult comic Lisa Lampanelli lose her cool and throw Cheryl Tiegs across the room?  Will Dee Snider turn Debbie Gibson into a "twisted sister?"  Will Victoria Gotti have someone taken out?  Will Lou Ferrigno go all "Incredible Hulk" someone?  Will Clay Aiken get mad and kick Penn Jillette right in the 'teller?'  Golly, I hope!

For a complete sneak peak at this year's cast of Celebrity Apprentice, CLICK HERE!!  And be sure to tune in tonight as "18 Wild Cards" meet one "Trump card!"  I'll be watching . . . and just waiting for a juicy old throwdown in the boardroom!