My morning show partner, Chad Benefield, keeps me entertained by listing all the things that truly rack his mind. Things that you and I never give a second thought may bring the most outrageous verbal thrashing for merely existing. Let's check a few more.



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Root canals are acceptable, but the expression that a root canal produces pain bothers him. Listen as he pontificates, "It makes no sense to say that. A root canal does not cause pain. In a root canal, they kill the nerve in the tooth, so there is no pain." So, the next time you see Chad tell him you hurt worse than a root canal.



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Chad, what is it about someone putting contacts in their eyes that bothers you? "I can't stand it. It is trhe same thing as the Visine principle. It makes my eyes water. I turn, I can't look. I can't watch it."


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"Nasal spray. I can't stand that. It's weird that people shoot that up their nose." Even though it will bring relief to your nasal passages? "I'd never do it. I think it's because my grandad carried a Vicks inhaler with him all the time. I did it one time and that was enough."

Now here is one I learned about early on. When Chad and I started the morning show together I saw him having a hissy over one of these.


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"That is an aberration and an abomination. Pens are meant to have caps. I will not use a pen with no top unless it's a 'clicky' pen."

But, this sends him over the edge.


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