Ripe hot messes run in my family.  And my great nephew Caiden is no exception.  This boy is already proving to be like the rest of us . . . very funny, insanely defiant and a touch dramatic.  LOL!  He was in full force on Memorial Day at the family cookout.  And it occurred to me that he's a little movie star in the making.  In fact, he already reminds me of some of pop culture's most recognizable icons.  LOOK!


Yep!  Caiden eats like a pig.  In fact, watching him gut a hamburger and wrench corn off the cob with his bare hands reminded me a bit of The Jungle Book and, more accurately, the Garbage Pail Kids.  Do you see the resemblance between Caiden and Junkfood John?

Or how about this resemblance?

20th Century Fox/Tad

Yep!  Caiden looks a bit like Yoda.  Apparently my great nephew doesn't like wearing clothing. He also thinks that when it's time to pee you're supposed to hurl your Pamper across the room and run outside to the porch.  But that's a different story.  At any rate, when the kid gets cold, he just wraps up in a robe.  That's when it hit me.  I think the force (and Yoda) may have been with my niece when she conceived.  What a lovely thought.  Proud uncle right now.

And check this out!  When Caiden realized I was taking lots of photos of him, his mood turned.  And the facial expressions went from "I love Memorial Day" to "Die, Hobbit!" in the flash of a camera.  And tell me this child doesn't look like this . . .

New Line Cinema/Tad

Isn't he just "precious?"