UK coach John Calipari is a big Cincinnati Reds fan. And Lexington is about an hour and some change from the Queen City. So when you're Coach Cal, and you can get sweet seats--or should I say "suite"--you go.

Earlier this year, just before the Wildcats' first official practice, Cal was at a Reds game and realized he was sharing a suite with none other than Charlie Sheen.

So Coach Cal decided to catch up with Sheen for a photo op. Sheen recognized Cal and they chatted and then quickly posed for a picture.

Why Sheen was a drinking a Bloody Mary at a baseball game I'll never know? But who knows why Sheen does any of the things that he does?

Oh, maybe it's because it's a RED drink. That makes sense, but I digress.

See, it doesn't matter why Charlie Sheen does any of the things he does. For better or worse, he is a HUGE celebrity and Coach Cal wanted that picture for that reason. It's kind of ingenious.

Get a picture with someone who has 8 million Twitter followers and tweet it. Just another out-of-the-box John Calipari recruiting maneuver. And it's moves like that that put him way ahead of the game in basketball recruiting, as ESPN's Jason King points out in a new blog about Coach Cal.

Jay-Z, Drake, LeBron James, Kentucky basketball history and tradition, Anthony Davis, and now Charlie Sheen.

Hey if there's a way to make YOGI BEAR an effective Kentucky recruiting apparatus, John Calipari will show us how.