Androids, iPhones, tablets, computers. It's hard to get bored anymore, unless you just WANT to be. And who WANTS to be?

If boredom starts to creep in, our options are now just about limitless.

One place I like to turn is Google Earth.

The other day, I zoomed in on Silver City, New Mexico.

I spent a lot of vacations out there growing up, as it was--and is, for the most part--where many relatives on my mom's side lived (live).

It was fun finding the old houses where my aunts, uncles, and grandfather used to live. Yep they're still there. (The houses, I mean.)

But after watching that video, I guess I need to start expanding my Google Earth horizons. It's time to graduate from "Look, they're home. The car's in the driveway!" to...a SHIP IN AMONGST THE SKYSCRAPERS?!?

Gotta love it.