A driver has made a video of himself confessing to killing a man while operating a vehicle under the influence.

There is discussion among those who left comments under the video about the man's motivation for this video.

The questions raised are valid.

Are we supposed to applaud this man for coming forward and confessing? Is this, in some way, an attempt to mitigate any punishment he will receive for this vehicular homicide?

I only know as much about the law as I see on televised legal dramas, which is to say, little to nothing. But one commenter makes the valid point that he could have just gone to the police and turned himself in.

I understand any point about illustrating the horrific possible outcomes of drunk driving, but, to me, this DOES seem a bit like grandstanding. To be fair, I don't know this guy and I may be completely wrong. But there's the victim's family to consider here.

Whatever this man's motivation and whatever happens to him and however you might feel about what he's done, if he had a goal to get his message across to as many people as he possibly could, he is succeeding.