It's day 8 of our Christmas Wish office being open. Our official letter count is right at 800!! Wow! As always, we need YOU to help us make sure every child in the Tri-State has something under the tree Christmas morning!

Today's letter of the day is letter #435.  

"I am writing in regards to my son's family, as well as my own. My son has three children and one on the way. They are homeless and staying with my family and friends at times.

He has been unemployed for a while, but just now started with a new job. But, it will take all that he makes to be able to get them an apartment.

I help as much as I can, but my husband hasn't been working much due to his health. We have two of our other grandchildren that we are raising with no support from their parents. I asked my four year-old granddaughter what she wanted for Christmas and she told me she wanted a place she could call home. It broke my heart, because, at four years-old, she should be thinking of toys, not a home.

So, this is why I'm writing this letter this year.... so that my grandchildren will have some kind of a Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, it means a lot to me."

This family has five children in the household. There are three boys; 2 two year-olds and a 4mth old. There are two girls; 4 year-old and a 19 mth old.

This is letter #435 and if you can adopt this family, please call 685-0006.

Here are some specific needs:

-Basketballs, footballs, dolls, trucks

- Twin Beds (We have SEVERAL requests for beds, including some children sleeping on the floor!)

- Baby Beds (We have 3 requests for these)

- Washer/Dryer

- Dishes/Flatware

If you have these bigger items, but have no means of getting them to the CW office, we can come and pick them up!

Merry Christmas!