In October of 2007, a tornado ripped through downtown Owensboro and did extensive damage to Third Baptist Church. It has since been repaired and looks incredible. But it did shed a light on the fact that churches are often some of the oldest buildings in any community. And, with all the severe weather we've already seen this spring--not to mention the horrific images we're seeing out of Joplin, Missouri-- the Weather Preparedness Committee for Western Kentucky wants Owensboro churches to be on guard.

Obviously, you can't stop a tornado, but you can be ready if one is coming your way. And one Owensboro church has already taken the Committee's lead. I remember tornado drills at school when I was a kid. You remember, don't you? You'd run out into the hall, get on the floor against the wall, and put your head down. The Daviess County School System really amped these up after the 1974 tornado outbreak that practically leveled Brandenburg, Kentucky.  Hopefully, we'll see a resurgence in these drills. The violent weather this season is something I haven't seen since that time. And it really is a good idea that every facility where people gather--not just schools--gets in on the act.