When Clint Black's career began in 1989, RCA Records sent some radio people a nifty clock. The caption on the base reads, "Thanks for 'Killing Time' with me." Signed by Clint Black. Cool, huh?

Now, 25 years later, it still works. Operates on a single double A battery and you know what? The battery lasts two years.

In 1991, I was given the honor of hosting "Nashville Live", a syndicated 90 minute Sunday night radio show with country music stars as guests. We'd take calls from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Clint Black was my first guest. I have a photo of us together but it is about 18" x 9" and I have never scanned it to digital.

The following October, as we celebrated my first anniversary, Clint came back as guest. He had just met Lisa Hartman and was telling us about how cool she was.

A few months later at a conference in Los Angeles I attended an intimate Don Henley show. The Eagles lead singer was in the midst of his solo career and wanted to perform in front a few key radio people.

Clint Black and Lisa were there on a date! We sat at the same table.

And, he's from Houston! More about that later.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images