Former President Bill Clinton's recent trip to Owensboro to speak at a fundraiser for the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center may have also had another, less publicized purpose.

It's being reported that President Clinton held a meeting with Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes with the hope of convincing her to run against Mitch McConnell for the Kentucky Senate seat.


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You'll notice her name is not Ashley Judd, who--according to The Huffington Post--is planning to announce her candidacy somewhere around, if not just before the Kentucky Derby.

Casual observers might believe that Judd would be a shoo-in based, perhaps, on nothing more than her high-profile devotion to the Kentucky Wildcats and that she is a well-known actress. Obviously, there would be more to her campaign than that.

But the raft on which her political hopes float might spring a leak if Bill and Hillary Clinton were to actively support Secretary Grimes, whose father is an old friend of the former president's. Plus, in the last nine presidential elections, the only two times Kentucky went Democrat were 1992 and 1996--the years Mr. Clinton was elected. He's very popular in the Commonwealth.


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I doubt the Clintons have any animus toward Ms. Judd; I just think they are career politicians and believe that another politician--Secretary Grimes--would be a more palatable choice for Kentuckians deciding on whether or not to send Senator McConnell--in office since 1985--packing.

Kentucky has seemingly been ground zero for political strategy the last few weeks. As we approach Derby Day--when all eyes will be on the Bluegrass State--I expect we'll know more.