I have discovered Chad's nightmare...well, at least one of them. And it wrapped up this weekend in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

It's Clownfest 2013 and it's been happening in eastern Pennyslvania for the last 32 years. Best I can tell it's just a large gathering of clowns.

There's a parade and over 20 classes that show you how to be a proper clown...although I must admit I've seen some pretty IMproper ones.

But yeah, it's all about clowns in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. And this year, one of the highlights of Clownfest was an actual wedding.

So congratulations to Billy Tedeski and his lovely new wife Patty. By the way, the bride did wear a white wedding dress...and a flaming red wig and a red dot on her nose.

You know, the usual.