If every member of Big Blue Nation tuned into ESPN's new series "All Access Kentucky" on Wednesday night, it's possible it could have generated viewership numbers that would have made it, at least, a Top 25 program were it to have aired on a network.

There's certainly enough interest to think that's a logical assessment based on multiple tweets received by the World Wide Leader in Sports that have prompted the network to dedicate time slots for reruns.

While Kentucky has always been one of the nation's premier college basketball programs, I can't remember this kind of coverage ever happening before. Even during the Rick Pitino era when the 'Cats fielded that unreal 1996 championship team. Coach Cal's abilities as a recruiter defy description. He seems to be working at another level and the national sports media are paying attention. "All Access Kentucky" airs Wednesday nights at 6PM Central on ESPN.

Just can't imagine this ever happening during the Billy Gillispie era, can you?

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