During halftime of last night's Kentucky/Duke game, ESPN's Andy Katz caught up with UK head coach John Calipari for a quick interview and assessment of the team's performance in the first half.

Coach Cal gave his thoughts about the team, generally acknowledging mistakes but being pleased with a mere two-point margin considering the wide gap in experience between his team and Duke's.

And then he made the comment you are about to hear:



Duke message boards lit up. Their fan base is not happy with the comment. Thing is, it was clear during the interview he was kidding. I thought it was hilarious. Duke has a reputation for flopping in an attempt to get the charge call. He was just playing off it.

What's funny is his claim--according to Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis--that he didn't remember making the comment.


Seth Davis/Twitter


And, you know what? THAT also sounds like he was joking. Coach Cal is having a very good time.

He's also regarding the Duke loss as a valuable teaching tool, as he should. Yes, when he made the comment, he probably thought, in the back of his mind, that there was a good chance the 'Cats would lose. He's not new at this. And he gets the Kentucky-Duke thing.

He just added something to it.