Saturday was a dream day for yours truly. It was cold outside. I had nothing on my plate. So I vegged out in front of the TV and watched college basketball all day.

There were some upsets and too many blowouts and, unfortunately, it was a lackluster day for the state of Kentucky. Bluegrass basketball went 3-4 with Kentucky, Morehead, and Northern all recording wins and Louisville, Eastern, Murray, and KWC all coming up short.

What these games all needed was...a bat!

No, not that kind of bat. That's still three months away. No, the flying mammal kind. Too bad the game where a bat made an unexpected appearance did not appear on my TV. I found out about it later.

Yep, a bat got into the arena in Milwaukee during the Marquette/Providence game and halted the action.

Hilarious! You can't write this stuff.