After posting the trailer for the horror movie Clown, I had a feeling I'd hear about it. And I the form of just a really freaky and disturbing image of a rabbit that Chad found.

Now, I must make something clear. Bugs Bunny does not bother me. Real rabbits do not bother me. But large rabbits--like the Easter Bunny, for example--give me the creeps, for some reason. It's a visceral reaction. Goes up through my spine.

And that picture Chad located on Pinterest is, well, I don't know what that is. Or what purpose it could possibly serve. But there it is.

So, I got to wondering. Is there something out there--a video, a photo--that COMBINES our big fears, clowns and rabbits? And, lo and behold, I found something.

I have no idea what it means. None. Makes no sense. It honestly looks like the person who calls himself or herself "Naughty's" was deliberately trying to freak us BOTH out.

Kudos, for my part.

This is bizarre AND unsettling.