By: Brittanni Elisabeth

Wanting a cool, eccentric place to hang out, love the taste of a good cup of coffee? Every Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. the Crème Coffee Shop is serving up a good time and I don’t just mean by a hot cup of Joe.

Wednesday is Mocha Mouth Wednesday at the Crème Coffee Shop. People read poetry and play music this is also a free event. All ages are welcomed to come and see a different atmosphere.

The Coffee shop started this to try to get more people to enjoy town and get something different going. They serve regular coffees to cappuccinos and even fruit smoothies. Prices are anywhere from $2-$6.

I spoke with a Kelly a worker in the coffee shop and she said “it’s an experience of a lifetime.” This event started in October the Coffee Shop hopes to continue this as long as there is a good turnout that keeps showing up. So come down, pull up a seat, stay warm with a good cup of coffee and listen to talented people play and keep this going.