I've always wanted to have a chance to prove that I could be a CSI member... well, now's my chance!! Someone backed over my car in the WBKR parking lot and drove off!! (What?!?) Moon saw the whole thing, which brings up a valid point... why didn't he try and stop them?? (Just kidding!! I'm sure he was sipping a beverage from the comfort of his office chair!) I've checked for visual damage and as of now, all I see is dirt!! So, I'm gonna give er a good bath, then check it out again!!

My favorite part of the story is that my friend and insurance agent Daniel Dick, was calling my cell phone before I could even finish the story on air!! Now, that's service!!

I must go gather my evidence kit and get to work... maybe I'll even wear those terrible coveralls that they wear on the show...on second thought...nah!!