Here's a story about very bad behavior and, thankfully, very good behavior. Excellent behavior. It's the story of 19-year-old Joey Prusak.

Joey works at a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, Minnesota. While on duty one day, taking orders, a blind man accidentally dropped a twenty on the floor. An opportunistic shrew--yes, I'm editorializing--swooped in behind the gentleman, snatched the cash, and shoved it in her purse.

Seeing this shockingly abhorrent gesture, Joey asked her to return the man's money to him. Taking Joey for an idiot, she said she'd just dropped the money herself, despite the fact that Joey had seen the entire incident unfold.

Joey then gave the woman an ultimatum. She would give back the money or she'd need to leave the store. She refused. He asked her to leave. She cussed him out and left. He, then, gave the man a $20 bill.

Now, if this were a movie, this would be the part where everyone in the store would take a break from their Blizzards or Moolattes and stand and applaud the guy.

I just did.