I'm assuming "the force" was with Jonathan Rice when, for the fourth year in a row, he dressed up like Darth Vader and ran a mile across Death Valley in 129-degree heat.

But you'd think "the force" would have enough sense to tell Jonathan that it's a bad idea.

Actually, Rice was only participating in his own event. He calls it the Darth Valley Challenge.

Good name.

I'm guessing covering yourself head to toe in a heavy black costume and running across Death Valley would be a challenge...among other things. But, again, it's his event and, really, calling it an "event" may be a stretch. It's a personal challenge he created for himself.

And I'm impressed.

I consider figuring out a corkscrew a personal challenge. Ah, well. He's still alive, so it's worked out to this point.

May the force continue to be with him.