This is exciting and we have a huge DVR alert for you!!  The current season of ABC's hit transformation show Extreme Weight Loss is underway.  In fact, a new episode airs each Tuesday evening during the summer.  As you likely know, Sara Murphy, from Owensboro, is one of the seventeen contestants competing this year.  And the network just announced the broadcast date for Sara's episode.  Wanna know when it is?

Facebook/Sara Murphy

Sara's episode will air at 7pm CST on Tuesday, August 12th.

In the meantime, we are encouraging her friends, family, friends and our WBKR listeners to visit her official Extreme Weight Loss Facebook page and LIKE it.  To follow Sara's journey on Facebook and officially LIKE her page, CLICK HERE!

And to learn more about Sara and find out how she was selected for the show and her journey on it, check out her recent visit to the WBKR studios!