I couldn't count how many visits my family, friends, and I paid to Miller Lake when I was a kid. That was THE place to be in the summertime. The floating docks, sliding boards, paddle boats, concession stand (a fudgesicle was a MUST)...it was perfect.

But it shut down in 1987 and has never reopened. Now it sits abandoned there on Windy Hollow road and has taken on a vaguely creepy air, what with the concession building and that lone sliding board still standing.

Granted it's not as creepy as the 10 abandoned places from all over the world that I found on YouTube--THEY have some seriously dark back stories--but it still manages to move the needle a bit on the creep meter.

I can't imagine what those not familiar with the lake's history think.

Anyway, let's take an unsettling trip around the globe: