Like the rest of you, I am a human being. Like many of the rest of you, I am a human being from Kentucky, United States of America, North America, Northern Hemisphere. I don't believe any of us were designed for more than a week's worth of temperatures above 100 degrees. Thankfully, that appears to be ending. But I won't soon forget it. So, I've decided to make a pact.

It seems like every summer we hit a long stretch of really hot weather. Prior to 2012, a long stretch of "really hot weather" could have meant a week of high 90s. And every year, I say the same thing, "I promise I won't complain this winter when it's too cold." And, honestly, this past winter, that didn't even occur to me; it never got "too cold." I'm not sure it got cold at all. Nonetheless, I've been known to make that statement...and I've been known to break that promise.

So, here's my pact with you:

If you hear me complain that it's too cold this winter, I want you to call me on it. If I do it, it'll be because I forgot about this blog and this pact.

Doesn't matter.

If you call me on it, I will find some kind of prize to give you. I'm not sure what that prize will be, but I will find something...even if I have to bring it from home. But, I promise that if I BREAK my promise regarding "winter oaths" and you catch me, you'll win something.

I don't think you will.

For one thing, Saturday night, when I was judging the Daviess County Fair's Coca-Cola Classic Talent Show at the Hines Center, I was remembering the last time I was was the Polar Bear Plunge, and the water was 26 degrees.

And that actually sounded nice.

THAT'S how exasperated I am with the heat wave. So, no complaining about cold weather for me from now on.

But if I do, you could be the recipient of a shiny new pencil...or something.