On Sunday, I joined many others who decided it was a nice evening to be at Smothers Park. The park was full to bursting--an encouraging sign with regards to the growth of downtown Owensboro.

The more attractive that part of the city is to folks--from in town and from out of town--the more likely it is that the downtown area will build up sooner rather than later. But, I digress. While returning home, I experienced something that threatened perfectly nice night. How do I sum it up? Hmmm...

Let's just say I'm not exactly sure how one DOESN'T know that one is driving south in the northbound lane of FREDERICA STREET! Perhaps it was the passing train at which we were all stopped that mesmerized the driver into forgetting everything he or she knows about basic rules of the road. Or perhaps it was something for which there is no answer.

All I know is this:

I began honking my horn and frantically waving my arms, as did the folks in the car to my right. The driver wasn't getting it immediately, and all I could foresee was the train coming to an end and that car having a head-on collision with the vehicle on the other side of the train. Finally, the driver moved slowly in front of the railroad guard arm, which I don't believe is very safe. Once the train passed, the driver took off, clearly tired of all of us trying desperately to make sure he or she averted disaster.

And, so, a peaceful relaxing Sunday evening remained intact.