The Pumpkinfest was a great success. Lots of folks turned out at the Sportscenter on an unbelievable fall weekend in Owensboro. It was a lot of fun hangin' out at the Pumpkinfest this weekend, to be sure. But my favorite part, bar none, was the Zombie Run.

What a blast! And what a turnout! Not only did we have double the amount of runners we had anticipated, but the zombie tally was impressive as well.

I'm no good at guessing numbers--those "how many jelly beans in a jar" contests are NOT my cup of tea. But I'd bet we had at least 50 zombies participating. And I got to be one of them.

Dream come true.

Me and zombies go way back. That's the one horror movie monster that I still find unsettling. Is it their movements? The unfocused dead eyes? Whatever it is, zombie movies--for the most part--work for me. I was about 11 years old when I saw a movie called Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.

Hilarious title, right?

Well, in retrospect, the movie's funny, too. Maybe unintentionally, maybe not. I think it's a deliberately BAD movie. But as an adult, I get the attempts at humor. But back then, I wasn't laughing. It was my first zombie movie--I didn't see Night of the Living Dead, the granddaddy of all zombie flicks, until I was an adult. When the zombies started clawing their way out of the ground and slowly ambling toward that old house where the main characters have holed up, the action never slowed. And it scared me to death. I couldn't sleep.

But things have changed. I want my zombies. And dressing up as one and being surrounded by so many others only makes me jones for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead that much more. I think this has become my favorite show on television.

And, if you're game and you want to catch up, the first two seasons are comprised of only 22 episodes, so there's time. It's a great show. And I watch it right now. But I still have a month. Patience is a virtue...unless you're a ZOMBIE!!!!