Hey gang, I adopted a policy a while back to never turn my nose up at any type of food, or drink, I guess, unless I try it and and can honestly determine I hate it...or like it.

Seriously, if I can put a Cappucino Lays Potato Chip in my mouth, I can try anything.

So, this is where YOU come in.

Is there anything out there that's weird that you have tried that you think I need to try. And I'm not talking about anything, necessarily, that's terrible, although the look on my face could be a keeper.

No, I'm talking about something that you don't believe is very mainstream but that is very, very good.

For example, I've always heard about turtle soup and how good it is, but I've never had any.

That sort of thing.

So, let me have it. Suggest something for me to taste and I will do it. We'll get video of it and everything.

Oh, and by the way, if you come up with diet chocolate mint soda, keep moving. I've tried it and it's just as it horrible as it sounds.