I gotta thank Chad for this one.

It really drives me crazy when I'm out somewhere or in the car and I hear a song that I don't recognize or whose title I can't recall. I've mobile device gigobytes to fill, people! I need music! Well, it's SoundHound to the rescue.

Tap the SoundHound app and then tap the button that pops up and hold your device up to the music. SoundHound will tell you the artist and title and then you can purchase, if you so choose. There are other music identification apps, but this is my favorite. I'm hooked. I've often said it's so much easier to download songs when I can actually see the titles or  hear them. SoundHound really gives me the best of both worlds.

And, now, SoundHound has a sequel. And it, too, is a free downloadable app in the Google Play store. It's simply called "Hound." Hound is a voice search app. You simply say the name of an artist and suddenly you get song previews, tour information, videos, lyrics, album art, bios, and more. The whole ball of wax right there. Needless to say, when I learned of this new app, I downloaded immediately! Now the problem of not knowing the name of an artist or title will "hound" me no longer.