I'm counting down my top five favorite mobile apps. Number 5 was the invaluable Blockbuster Express app. At number four, we have the...


Why just take a picture of someone when you can use the FX Camera app and get a really cool and unusual look and style for your photo? The FX Camera has six settings. The first is the ToyCam which allows you shoot a photo in a variety of photo sizes and tints. If you want a picture with a blue, yellow, green, red, or  "warm" cast, ToyCam is the way to go.

The Polandroid setting allows you take any picture and give it a retro vibe. It's probably the only way you're going to get a photo to look like this; they don't make Polaroids anymore.  The Polandroid function has settings like vintage, faded, and aged that make your photo look like you could have taken it 20 or 30 years ago. In fact, find a building, for example, that's been standing at least that long and shoot it using one of the Polandroid settings, and you'll be able to convince anyone you just ran across this old photo.



The trickiest setting--but maybe the coolest if it works out--is the Symmetricam. With the Symmetricam, any image you shoot will publish as itself AND its own reflection. Plus, there are three sub-settings within the Symmetricam--landscape, portrait, and multi-reflection. The latter is a four-panelled image. I'm not sure how or why you'd use Symmetricam, but it's a blast, nonetheless.



My favorite setting is the Warholizer. Take any photo and make the image appear as if it was created by Andy Warhol, himself. You know, like the famous Marilyn Monroe portraits. So cool. The FX Camera is a blast. It doesn't just create great images, it has great style.