If you tune into The WBKR Waking Crew, you know that my fears are ridiculous, but legendary!  LOL!  Everyone knows I am afraid of clowns!   In fact, some of you out there in Listener Land have been downright evil and have sent clowns into the studio to terrorize me!  You may laugh, but I have seen Pennywise in the movie It and I know clowns live in my shower drain!  But here's something YOU may not know.  I am not the only WBKR deejay with an absurd phobia!  Dave Spencer is afraid of large rabbits!!

Yep!  He's afraid of large, cuddly, stuffed bunnies!  Which is precisely why, when I was at Kroger this week doing my grocery shopping and saw their version of the Easter Bunny, I couldn't resist my evil temptations!  I told Mr. Easter Bunny (Or Mrs. Easter Bunny.  Not sure!  That costume isn't anatomically correct!) that I have a good friend who is terrified of overgrown rabbits.  Easter Bunny's handler said, "That is hilarious!" and was more than willing to have the bunny pose for this picture!  I can't tell you the exact caption that I sent along with the photo because it wouldn't pass the strict guidelines of the FCC or the web police!  But I can summarize.  I told Dave that the bunny was going to kill him in his sleep!

I realize that I am playing with fire for posting this picture and telling you guys this story.  I have WAY many more fears than Dave Spencer and they are well-documented.  He knows that I dry heave if I see cottage cheese.  Truly.   I have physical reactions to seeing it.  It grosses me out!!  Dave knows that I retreat to the  fetal position if I smell mustard.  He knows that I cannot stand urinals, snakes, bottles without caps, pens without tops, El Caminoes, pictures of demonic babies or any mention of Naomi Judd.   I realize fully that I have asked for some sort of retaliation.  But, Easter's on its way and I just felt like I needed to share that your afternoon drive guy is afraid of the Easter Bunny! 

I mean, come on, Dave!  If you're afraid of the Easter Bunny, who's going to bring you Peeps?  Who's gonna bring you those little chocolate robin eggs?  Who's gonna bring you a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg?  That's right!  A large, overgrown rabbit!!!  Hippity-hoppity!  Easter's on its way, Dave!!  Be on the lookout for the GREAT BIG BUNNY!