I've been talking back and forth with Technical Sergeant Ryan Corbin for the last few weeks about setting up an interview with area Air Force recruitment officers. I am a huge fan of the military and can't say enough about what they do for this country.

So it was a privilege to be able to give some airtime to Sgt. Corbin and Lt. Col. Marcus Carter, Commander of the 332nd Recruiting Squadron. Sgt. Corbin works out of the local recruiting office while Col. Carter operates out of the Nashville area and covers some 99,000 square miles. That's amazing.

In the interview, we discussed how many people think only of flying planes when they think of the Air Force. But there's so much more involved with regards to service in the U.S. Air Force.

In fact, what you can learn in the Air Force will benefit you in many other arenas for the rest of your life.

In case you missed the interview, you can hear it now: