Hey everybody, it's time once again for the Lanham Brothers Jamboree at Diamond Lake's Good Time Theatre. This Saturday night, our good buddies Randy and Barry Lanham will be crankin' out live country music and who knows what else along with their special guests Emily Clark, Jeff "Wildman" Hardesty, Strait Laced, and Jerry Howard.

The Good Time Theatre is a GREAT venue. Diamond Lake Campground and Resort is a GREAT locale. And Randy and Barry and all the gang turn in one GREAT performance after another every time they take the stage.

And here's the best part: I want YOU to be there! So join me all week long for your chance to win tickets to the Lanham Brothers Jamboree this Saturday night! Right now, check out a Randy Lanham Jamboree performance from 2009.



Okay, so I haven't yet figured out how I'm gonna give the tickets away...

Details, details!