It started out as a conversation about how we used to get spanked in school when we were kids and how that hasn't happened in years.

And then I told a story about the only time I ever got spanked in school. It happened when I was in first grade.

Well, next thing you know, I'm being encouraged to retell the story on video. So I said "Sure." And before I go any further, I feel I need to say that I bear no ill will at all toward the teacher in the story. In fact, now that I'm an adult, I have a great deal of respect for the firm hand she took with her students. So any disparaging remarks directed at her in the story are just there because that's how I remember feeling at the time.

And I was SIX, for crying out loud.

Anyway, here's what happened when a semi-serious conversation devolved into Weird Wednesday and we all got a little silly: