Season Three begins Sunday. I have been counting the seconds since Two came to an end last spring. Sure, the first part of the second season was a slow mover, but the second part picked up steam like crazy. Yes, I am speaking (reverently) of The Walking Dead.

The end of Season Two was a stunner and delivered a promise that the hit AMC series is about to enter a whole new phase. That's incredibly exciting.

Now during the hiatus, I have been trying desperately to collect issues of The Walking Dead graphic novel. But I want to start with the first one and I can't find it.


satanoid/Flickr Creative Commons


So, I would consider it a real "treat" to have the first issue of The Walking Dead graphic novel. I can find the rest.

What YOU'LL find if know that this is my "treat" of the day is that you will win tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World if I call you to "trick or treat" and you know what my treat is.

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