Everything seems to be going digital these days. From shopping to communication, you can do almost everything in a digital format. One of the biggest parts of the digital revolution (as some people have called it) is e-reading. You can get almost any book, magazine, newspaper, or other piece of reading material in digital format.

Since e-reading became popular, I have always wondered how long it would take before it would become a part of education. Well it seems that it is quickly becoming a part of education and being used in the classroom on a regular basis.

As part of this, February 6th is National Digital Learning Day. Locally, Daviess County Public Schools will be participating in National Digital Learning Day. This is a national campaign to celebrate successful instructional practices, teachers, and the effective use of technology in the classroom.

From our friends at Daviess County Public Schools, here are some of the events across the district as part of National Digital Learning Day:

Southern Oaks Elementary School teachers and students currently use many different types of technologies to enhance their learning. On Digital Learning Day, classes will present data on the types and ways technology is used in their class or home through Microsoft Word graphs, blogs, word clouds, and more. The Student Technology Leadership Program group will take pictures and collect results to create a Photostory that will be included in the weekly newscast and posted on the SOES website.


Audubon Elementary School is expanding its ongoing “Out of the Box” initiative by focusing on student use of technology in every classroom. Principal Caleb York has challenged his teachers to “develop lessons that are more than using an app or computer program. Our hope is that students will see the productive benefits of technology and move beyond ‘Angry Birds.’” In the meantime, AES Staff Developer Barbara Rollins is developing a video featuring teachers and students reflecting on the use of technology and its benefits in the classroom. The video will be posted on the school’s YouTube channel.


Teachers at East View Elementary School will integrate technology in lessons in every classroom. The teacher with the most creative use of technology will win an iPad.

For more information on National Digital Learning Day you can click here, and for more information on Daviess County Public Schools, click here.