She's had big hits like "Baby I Lied" and "I've Been Wrong Before." And, on Monday, country star Deborah Allen dropped by the WBKR studios for a visit. Jaclyn interviewed Deborah and I was lucky enough to sit in. I met Deborah about 18 years ago when she was doing another radio tour. Back then, in 1993, she brought in a big pink rocking chair and a bunch of us took turns lip-synching her hit "Rock Me (in the Cradle of Love)" for a special video she was going to show at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. She's just as charming and funny as she ever was. And, once again, she didn't arrive empty-handed.

We had the rare pleasure of getting to hear--and play--some cuts from her brand new yet-to-be-released CD "Hear Me Now." One of the songs--an incredible power ballad called "Amazing Graceland"--has an accompanying video. Her new single is a good old-fashioned honky-tonker called "Anything Other Than Love." And there's the rollicking and ingenious "It Better Be Big."

Here's part one of the interview from her visit: