Derek Jeter, the 18 year Yankee maybe took the field a bit too soon on Thursday.  He has been out since 2012 due to an ankle break .  He played 8 innings and was replaced by Brett Gardner because of tightness in his quad.  In an interview with Yankee Manager Joe Girardi, he was asked if he played Jeter too soon.  Girardi said that he didn't plan on playing Jeter so soon.  He said that he felt well enough to play.

Derek Jeter said that he had been running on his leg for quite some time and that he felt fine.  Apparently too much pressure on his leg caused it to tighten up, leading to the inevitable. I had a chance to speak with Derek Jeter and ask him a few questions about his condition

Jeter went on to say -  "We're all getting older here" Jeter is 39 and he also stated "Age doesn't creep into my mind when I'm playing.

Even though Jeter got hurt on his debut, the Yankees went on to win 8-4 over Kansas City.  Moon Mullins (my best friend) is an serious Yankee fan and is happy with the victory over KC.