And then there were seven. On last night's American Idol results show, bilingual crooner Devin Velez was sent home and our Idol expert Steve Thompson was tuned in for all the drama . . .

This morning, Steve and I chatted about Devin's departure and looked ahead to next week to chat about the upcoming theme and who it favors.  LISTEN!

From Steve Thompson:

It's a strange thing, my fellow Americans, to realize that the least of these singers survives to yet another round.  Those of you who are fans of Lazaro are doing him a great disservice in keeping him on this program.  If the rumors are true-- and it's the internet so take everything with a box of Mortons-- next week's theme will be rock with no ballads allowed.

Take a moment and fell the genuine fear creep through your body as if you've landed in a valley of tarantulas.

Do we dare think of what song Lazaro doesn't know that he will have to learn over the next week?  I'm hoping Led Zeppelin and Queen are unavailable.

In the meantime, thank you America for having the top five correct.  Frankly, and I really hate to agree with Mariah on this one, Devin needed to stay in the bilingual wheelhouse.  (Hey!  There's the name for a new rock group.  Bilingual Wheelhouse!)

I'm looking forward to Kree, Candice, Angie and Janelle with the rock category.  Since all Amber does is sing ballads this might be a degree of difficulty best left to Greg Louganis.

As for Burnell?  Well.  The strategy of not being memorable has a history of not working well-- especially in history.  (See Buchanan, James or the collected hits of The Voice winners.)

I guess we'll see next week.  Same bat time, same bat station...

@March 28, 2013  Stephen W Thompson