I was speaking, recently, to a teacher and, somehow, Wikipedia came up in the conversation. I had mentioned that a comedian had said that you can find on Wikipedia what you spent tens of thousands of dollars and four years to learn in college.

She laughed politely but promptly told me that no student is allowed to cite Wikipedia in any kind of school work. I get that. And I understand that. I mean, if you or me or Grandma Lucy can go in there, sign in, and just start changing stuff around--and you can--it's not a reliable source.

Then I began wondering about WBKR's Wikipedia page. I went there, but before I got very far at all, I noticed something unusual. We aren't the only WBKR! Before I go on, I'll tell you that no two radio stations can have the same call letters, and that's why I did the double take. But the other WBKR isn't a radio station.

Nope, it's the international airport code for Ranau, Malaysia. Impress your friends with hard-to-come-by trivia at the next big party.

I guess the "R" stands for Ranau. Who knows? But you have to use that code if you want to fly to Ranau, Malaysia.

And I just know you want to, right? You've been dying to go. I can sense it.

We ought to send them a bumper sticker.