Moon here. I just adore Doris Day. She is 88 years old today and has had a terrific life. Sure, she's had her share of tragedies, but has persevered and advocated for many a helpless animal. Still active, too, with a new CD and DVD available at her website. Early in life she wanted to be a dancer. When a car accident injured her legs so much she had no chance to dance professionally she found she had another talent -- singing. Recuperating from the injuries and listening to the radio, she sang along with Ella Fitzgerald and found she could emulate the phrasing and rhythm. I think Doris Day has one of the best voices ever. This You Tube tribute not only shows her singing ability but also her beauty over the years.

I remember as a young boy, seeing a picture of Doris Day in Look or Life magazine, and was so surprised to see all those freckles. Now, I think they're cute.

A dancer, then a singer and then acting. All these skills came to her so easily. Her movies with Rock Hudson are iconic. Tomorrow night Turner Classic Movies will show MIDNIGHT LACE, in which Doris is terrorized by her husband. She could go from comedy to drama without missing a beat.

In later years she had a very successful TV show and became an animal rights activist.

Doris Day -- at 88 -- still a Cincinnati girl in her heart.