Obviously, when I saw this, I tried to come up with a Snakes on a Plane reference, but I think they've been done to death.

I think the reactions of the driver and his passenger when the windshield wipers were turned on and the venomous red-bellied black snake they had discovered was disturbed will suffice.

Seriously, this is hilarious!

But, just as seriously, if this were to happen to me, I would run off the road. I'm sure of it, because I would freeze up. I'm just not useful at all when it comes to snakes. I don't know if I have an out-an-out phobia when it comes to the vile creatures, but it's darn close.

Yes, I can enjoy this from afar (VERY afar, these guys are in Australia). But I won't no part of such an incident in MY world, thanks very much.