This is either adorable or duck abuse.  And, honestly, I can't really tell.  All I know is I couldn't look away and had to videotape this to show you.  When I was at the Kentucky State Fair on opening day, I happened across an interactive live animal exhibit courtesy of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau.  And the exhibit featured baby ducks, a slide and some duck food that was just barely out of reach.  This is hilarious!  WATCH!!

I would like to report that no baby ducks were injured during the making of this film. I would also like to report that all the ducks managed to get at least a little bit of food before hurling down the slide at the speed of light.   And I will say this as well.  Those little baby ducks are persistent.  No matter how many times the fell down the slide, they would swim back around faster than Michael Phelps and climb up to the top for another shot at the grub!

The Kentucky State Fair, by the way, continues at the KY Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville.  In fact, it runs through Sunday, August 25th.  For more information about the Fair, CLICK HERE!