I will buy that the wind could be the culprit regarding eerie noises that have been emanating from One World Trade Center the past year. But if that's the reason, it's the obvious one. So why are news organizations covering the story using a mysterious angle?

I have never lived in a large city, but I've visited plenty of them. I've hung out in downtown Chicago (back when that, in and of itself, wasn't necessarily risking your life), the biggest city in which I've spent time. And I can tell you that I have never heard anything like the sounds I've heard in the videos I've seen about the weird noises coming from One World Trade.

Yes, I get the feeling that the increasingly frequent coverage might be an attempt to get folks  to start considering a "supernatural" angle, maybe something ghostly. Who knows?

But the sounds are unusual, and, over time, it seems they've changed. One would think that once the windows went in, the sounds would stop. I mentioned this eerie phenomenon to someone who knows a thing or three about construction and he was surprised to learn that the noises could be heard OUTSIDE the building. He knows more about this stuff than I do, so I find that intriguing.

A logical explanation will present itself, no doubt. Until then, we have something else to add to what I'm sure are many volumes of New York City folklore.