The Green River Correctional Complex Pistol Team & Green River Chapter KCCD are shooting for Emma Joy Ford to be cancer free.  Emma has been diagnosed with primitive neuroectodermal embriogenic tumor (PNET).

She was in remission for 3 months, but the cancer returned. And, as of this writing, she is running a fever which makes undergoing chemotherapy a risky proposition. In other words, this little girl and her family are greatly in need of prayers and assistance.

And some of that assistance can come in the form of participation in the Defensive Style Pistol Match scheduled for 10AM at the Owensboro Rifle & Pistol Club on Saturday, October 13th. Registration will begin at 9AM.

The match will be scored by and follow the rules of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Pistols must be .38 caliber or larger. Revolver and semi-automatic shooters need to bring 200 rounds of ammunition with them for the match.

Each shooter will need a minimum of 2 magazines/speed loaders for the match. Belt holsters will be the only types allowed and shooters will need pouches/carriers for magazines/speed loaders.

Entry fee is $15 per shooter with prizes to be awarded after the match. If you need more information or to pre-register, contact Lt. James Dickinson at 270-754-5415 ext. 246 or

And for more information about how you can help Emma and her family, check out the Prayer Circle for Emma Joy Ford Facebook page.