Eric Church has had to clarify some comments made in an interview with Rolling Stone--comments that were taken out of context and created a country music firestorm for a few hours. The fur, my friends, was flying.

Now, when you sit down with Rolling Stone Magazine for an interview, what you say is what we'll read. And that's well known before any interview subject gets started. That's long been the legendary periodical's claim to fame.

Frankly, I like honest, unfettered journalism. And country artists don't get many chances to speak out in the manner that Eric Church recently did. Or so we thought.

Judging by the language used, I'd have said Eric's been sittin' on this saddle sore for quite some time, now. And by language, I mean the kind I can't repeat here, on the radio, or on any network or cable channel that doesn't cost extra.

But, in the first appearance of this story online, we didn't get all the facts. In his expression of distaste for the likes of "American Idol" and "The Voice," Eric seemed to be bringing EVERYONE involved in TV reality competitions into his line of fire. And it appeared as if he'd lost respect for folks like Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood, whose careers either exploded or were created by such programming.

He hates "The Voice." He hates "American Idol."  Yep, if you're on country radio and you were on "American Idol," it appeared as if Eric Church wanted no part of you.

And, those comments did not go unnoticed by MRS. Blake Shelton. Miranda Lambert took to Twitter to express her disgust with Eric's comments, her righteous indignation stemming, somewhat, from the fact that Eric has toured with Miranda.

But Eric Church has now righted the ship, I guess. He apologized for any misunderstanding. We just don't yet know if concerned parties (Shelton, Lambert, Underwood,...Heejun) have accepted or will accept. Or...if they even care.