While broadcasting from Nashville Tuesday afternoon, our good friend April Hyde from the Grand Ole Opry showed me this video that had just been released by Eric Church.

"Creepy" was the first word that came to mind. It also seemed like it would work as the prologue for an episode of a crime drama--the mysterious gloved hands, the eerie repeating of Taylor Swift's comment about replacing Eric Church on a tour.

What in the world does it all mean?

One will rise and one will fall? And what about that non-descriptive description:

"The Outsiders fought the good fight, now it's time to shed a light on everything the masses need.

...Give it till the New Year."

Yes, there's a link where you can purchase his new CD and some swag, but, well, I just don't get it. It's incredibly bizarre. Could it somehow have something to do with his recent prediction of the death of genres? Who knows?

All I know is...for whatever reasons, whatever it might mean, I like this weird new video. I've always been a fan of Eric Church, one of country music's most individualistic artists, and now I think I'm a bigger fan than I was before.