When Vaughn Adams and his family arrived at Expressway Dodge in Evansville Saturday morning, the first thing his kids did was pick out car #11. It was the only one with black wheels. I'd say it was a good choice.

Inside the showroom, each finalist signed in then selected a numbered envelope. When they opened their envelopes, depending on the number inside, they each selected a lei which corresponded to a set of keys.

When everyone had keys, we all went outside and the finalists lined up next to one of the cars in a row in front of Expressway. When instructed, they all pushed the remote unlock buttons. The winning trunk was filled with balloons and streamers, and it was Vaughn who picked the winner, thanks to his kids.

Vaughn now gets to choose from trips to Jamaica, Aruba, or the Bahamas or a Carnival Cruise which will depart from Jacksonville. I asked Vaughn which one he picked and he told me his wife was making that decision.

Good call.

Congratulations, Vaughn!