WSMV-TV Nashville has reported that an explosion at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center has led to the evacuation of more than 5,000 people, this evening.

It seems the explosion occurred around 8:30PM near the Ryman Exhibit Hall in the hotel's convention center. No injuries have been reported.

This is really so weird. Last night, while I was staying at the hotel and just before I was to leave and go have dinner with friends, I was sending out some emails at the desk in my room. And I thought I smelled gas.

But it went away as quickly as it came. And I never smelled it again. Not out in the hallway and not at any time while I was walking toward the Magnolia lobby which was on the other side of the hotel from my room.

And what's really eerie is the fact that I walked right past the Ryman Exhibit Hall last night just before I went to bed. When I'm there, I always go for a walk around the hotel before calling it a night. It's a good walk.


Well, I'm glad no one was hurt. I'll be interested to hear further details when they become available.