It's always great to have live music in studio. And normally it happens in the afternoon. But I'm playing Chad all week while he's on vacation, so we got a morning visit today. And the performance was a STUNNER!

Mississippi native Marianne Allison came by the WBKR studio along with her two (or two of her) guitarists--Sean Gasaway, also the vice-president of her label, and Tyler Reese.

We chatted about how beautiful their drive through Western Kentucky had been and about her music being used in movies and on television.

Then after they played...and LEFT...we discovered that, for some reason, the video of her performance had vanished from my Android. It was just gone.

Fortunately, they had time to kill before their next stop and after they toured Owensboro's beautiful downtown riverfront, they made a stop at a favorite of theirs.

As you heard, I was able to track them down and bring them back for yet another haunting performance of Marianne's new single "Til It Breaks Your Heart."

Needless to say, they are welcome back anytime. I just hope that, next time, I won't have to interrupt their breakfast.