I have a question. How many of you are on Facebook? Here's another one. How many of you breathe? Yep, if you're reading this now, you likely have a Facebook page. Heck, you probably got here via WBKR's Facebook page. Well, Mark Zuckerberg, the genius who invented this new part of our lives, has come up with another concept--although I'm not sure how or even if this will catch on.

Zuckerberg's new diet is simply this: he plans to eat only what he kills. That's right. And we're not just talking about the animals you'd normally hunt like deer or turkeys. No, we're talking pigs and goats and the like. Yep, farm animals are no longer safe when the social media mogul is around. Well, they may not have been safe anyway, but now they have another predator to worry about. But, I think it begs the question: will he eat vegetables? I mean, if you kill a plant, don't you essentially render it useless? Or can you actually "kill" a vegetable? I can see it now. "Hi, I'm Mark Zuckerberg, and for tonight's meal, I've killed a cow, some broccoli, a potato, and a carrot." Hey, I bet his next venture will be called "Foodbook." Mad geniuses. What are you gonna do? I know what I' m gonna do. It's almost lunch; time to go kill a Subway sandwich.