Facebook is finally getting rid of something every Facebook user hates...the dreaded "other" folder on your messages page.

What's funny is I just discovered that the other day.

But apparently, Facebook has been doing me a big favor since I don't have that many messages in my "other" folder and haven't had any since 2013.

So it was never very useful in the first place. Good riddance.

But the ones that WERE in there came from people I've never met, never heard of, don't wanna know.

It probably shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Now, users will be able to search anyone and send them a message. The recipient can then decide if they want to read that message or not.

The thing is, the sender will never know if the receiver got the message or not.

In other words, Facebook will now stop messages at the door if they come from people you don't know.

I'm all for it!

By the way, here's my favorite from the "others" folder. Just take it all in. It's pretty subtle, but it cracks me up.

Dave Spencer via Facebook


Anonymous sender AND I can't reply. Hilarious!

Like I said, good riddance.