"There are more to come"

According to Chief Rick McCubbin, that's the message received, last week, by the Bardstown Police Department in the wake of last month's murder of 33-year-old Bardstown police officer, Jason Ellis. And now the FBI has opened an investigation into the killing and the new threat.

Ellis, a K-9 officer, was gunned down after stepping out of his car to remove tree limbs from the road. He was heading home from work at the time of the ambush.

McCubbin says that the department isn't 100% sure this latest threat is credible, but that it will be taken seriously, nonetheless.

Precautions ARE in place. Officers are now responding to calls in teams of two but are otherwise maintaining routines. Chief McCubbin says there are no plans to alter business as usual. His officers are covering their beats and making runs. As McCubbin says, "We are not going to do our job in fear. We are not going to retreat in any way."

Chief McCubbin does believe that Officer Ellis was targeted, but that the subsequent threat didn't single anyone out. The note is now in the hands of the Kentucky State Police and the FBI who are reviewing leads and conducting interviews.

More than $150,000 has been offered in reward money, but, so far, no tips have come in.